SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- You might think the “good luck” sign painted on a home blown apart by an explosion last week is some kind of a joke, but the owner of the home wrote it herself.

“I think we actually used up our luck because, when you talk to the neighbors and everything, something happened that kept them from being here. I dragged my feet a few minutes, otherwise I would have been through the wall,” said Patricia Hayes.

The man across the street also feels blessed and the couple who lives directly behind this pile of what used to be a house says they’re grateful they’re alive.

“When it went boom, gases went like that, wider and wider and wider. I wanted to run but I couldn’t run because we were held with the compression and I was thrown back into the van door,” said Judy Evans.

“You know, it’s just amazing,” said Hayes.

As homeowners returned to pick up their mail, talk with insurance agents or clean what they can, they are discouraged by the sight, knowing their possessions are scattered everywhere. Hayes admitted she has hard feelings.

“Of course you do, You start out with something and you end up with nothing and I hear on one of the newscasts that ‘I left the gas on to go get a part’ or ‘I went to go get a bite to eat’ and it just makes you more sick,” she said.

She said it’s the generosity of others that’s pulling her through — people whom she never met before, strangers offering help.

“It really, really makes me feel so much better. I have lost everything and they lift me up,” said Hayes.