Bannock County, ID- The Hegers family home exploded into flames Wednesday. Investigators say it may have been caused by a propane leak.

An eastern Idaho family’s life is changed forever after an explosion destroyed their home while they were inside.

Wednesday night, Buck and Sara Hegers had just put their son to bed when their house exploded in McCammon, Idaho.

Buck got the worst of it.He is badly burned over about 20 percent of his body.

The cause of the explosion has not been confirmed, but at this point investigators believe it was a propane leak.

Bannock County Sheriff’s Corporal Jeff Young saw the explosion and rushed to help.

“I looked down and could see his face and left hand.I had no idea how to get to him, he was just begging me not to let him burn to death.I couldn’t let him die front of his wife and son,” said Young.

Hegers is being treated at the burn unit at the University of Utah.