Blairs, VA – Richmond-Times Dispatch – An explosion that may have been caused by a gas leak demolished a house in Pittsylvania County on Wednesday evening, a fire official said.

Blairs Volunteer Fire Chief Dave Gunnell said no one was inside the home of Marvin Sigmon and Ellen Beard on East Witt Road when it exploded about 6 p.m. He said Sigmon was working at the time of the blast, but his “wife and child were pulling up the driveway when it happened.”

Gunnell said debris from what he estimated was a 2,500-square-foot, two-story home was scattered at least 200 feet from the blast site.

He said the home’s underground propane-gas tank had been filled earlier in the day. Gunnell said he believes that only a gas leak could have caused such an enormous explosion.