Louisville, KY- By Justin Wilfon, Louisville, KY -An explosion ripped through a home in Bullitt County Saturday morning just one day after the person living there moved in. Bill Righthouse was seriously injured in the blast. But it was his mother Margaret, who had stopped by to help him unpack, that was killed.

This was the weekend the Righthouse family was looking forward to. Now it’s a weekend they’ll never forget. Donald Righthouse was supposed to be helping his brother Bill move into his new home. Instead, he found it destroyed and he wondered if his family had been as well.

“When I first got up here I thought are they still in the house? Have they got them out? Or are they gone?, “said Donald Righthouse.

His mother, Margaret Righthouse, had arrived the night before to help her son start his new life. Instead she ended up losing hers. Margaret died late Saturday night at University Hospital some 14 hours after the explosion.

“My mom was able to talk on the way to Louisville and she said when she got up she walked in the kitchen, lit a cigarette, and that’s all she remembers,” said Donald.

Investigators believe gas from a propane tank was leaking somewhere inside the house and that the lit cigarette sparked the explosion. Margeret was trapped in the rubble, but Bill was thrown from the house… and so were his belongings.

During a search of the rubble, Donald Righthouse found a picture of his mother that somehow survived the flames. It’s a search that Donald promised his brother… to see what was left of his new life.

Bill Righthouse is in stable condition at University Hospital. Investigators are expected to be back on the scene Monday to try and figure out where the gas was leaking