Suffolk, VA – WVEC – A Suffolk family escaped injury when a gas leak caused an explosion in their home.

“I had no idea this is what I was going to find.”

At William Goodman’s home, nearly every window was shattered, some parts of the ceiling were torn up and some doors were blown off their hinges.

Investigators said a propane tank in the back yard leaked into the house and ignited from a freezer in the laundry room.Some of the worst damage was to the den.

Goodman says on any other day, his sons would have been watching tv in the den.Instead, they were with him as he went on errands.

“If they were in this den at the time, we don’t think they would have survived it,” he said.

His wife was home at the time, but she escaped.

“She was lucky. She was in the hallway walking after leaving the laundry room, putting clothes in the washer,” he added.

Goodman says he used the propane tank to heat a gas fireplace.He said he didn’t know there was a leak in the line and he didn’t smell anything.

He’s just thankful the family is alright.

Fire officials say manufacturers add chemicals to odorless natural gas and propane so you can smell a leak. They’re investigating why the smell wasn’t detected.