Canby, OR – A natural gas leak led to an explosion at a house in Canby, demolishing one end of the home, sending debris flying across the street and injuring four firefighters.

The explosion happened around 11 a.m. at a home in the 1200 block of South Sycamore Street.

The problem began when a construction company called NW Natural to report a leak.When gas crews arrived, they contacted the Canby Fire Department and the entire block was evacuated.

Just 10 minutes later, the house exploded.Four firefighters were inside ventilating the home and checking the levels when it happened.All four were taken to the hospital.The extent of their injuries is unknown.

“The explosion was a severe explosion,” said Todd Gary, Deputy Marshal with the Canby Fire Department.”The garage door, for example, is in the middle of the road out here about 50 feet from the structure.The whole end of the structure is also blown down.The front door is blown off.”

“Unbelievable,” said Jennifer Lee, who lives right next door.”I’m speechless.I mean the whole side of their house is blown off.”

The homeowners are OK.They were evacuated from the house before the explosion.Other homes in the area were evacuated as well and fire crews went to nearby houses after the explosion to make sure everyone was safe.