Payson, AZ- A home was blown off its foundation Tuesday afternoon, leaving it as unstable as a house of cards, authorities said.

The home at 507 S. Ponderosa, exploded from the inside out after a leaking propane line, collected enough fuel, found an ignition source and exploded, said Payson Fire Chief Marty deMasi.

“The force was enough to destroy the building,” deMasi said.

What caused the home to jump nearly a foot off of the foundation is still unknown but fire officials are investigating if the leaking line was inside the home or in the street.

deMasi said several people reported hearing the explosion around 1:50 p.m., including a firefighter who lived nearby.

“He thought something had fallen on his porch and when he went outside nothing was there, but not soon after his pager went off,” deMasi said. More than 20 firefighters responded on scene.

Janet Young, 48, said she had rented the home for eight years and was at work at StatClinix Urgent Care, at the time of the explosion.

“One of the front office ladies works at the fire department and called me and said, ‘your house just blew up’ so I rushed over there and they thought I was in the home and were looking for me, so when I showed up they stopped looking,” Young said.