Minneapolis, MN – Friday night, there was an explosion so strong that it shook homes next door, rattled nerves, and nearly leveled a home.

After going through debris, and taking a look at the natural gas lines, investigators think they know why the explosion happened.

Saturday afternoon, they found a hole, about an eighth-inch big, in the natural gas line that leads into the gas meter at the home in Laketown Township, southwest of the Twin Cities, outside Waconia, Minn.

They believe the hole had been there weeks, because the soil around it was so dry.

An investigator with the State Fire Marshall’s office, along with other local ones, spent the day Saturday at the home on Lennis Avenue.

Neighbors won’t soon forget the explosion Friday night.

“The house just shook. It was like a meteor had landed in the backyard. It was just really loud,” said Judy Ziems.

“It took about three hours for my heart to finally settle down. I called 911, and I very frantically said, ‘the house next door exploded.'”

It was too dangerous for firefighters to go into the home, because the fire was so strong, so they fought it from the outside.

The man who owns it was not in it at the time and no one else was hurt in the explosion either.

Investigators believe natural gas leaked out of that hole and seeped through the soil and into the home through an opening near the fireplace.

Something ignited it and the place blew just after 9 o’clock Friday night.

Investigators said the owner did smell gas before he left the home earlier in the night.

He got a new furnace just last week, but investigators don’t believe that had anything to do with the explosion.

CenterPoint Energy tested the ground throughout the neighborhood for any more leaks but didn’t find any.

It’s some assurance for Ziems and other neighbors, after a night unlike any other before.

“I think it’ s a really bad explosion, and I’d just assume not go through it again, thank you,” she said.