Hartland, WI – One Hartland family is crediting their dog, Abby, with their safety after the Aussie border collie alerted them to a deadly carbon monoxide leak.

Nicole Siekert woke up feeling sick Thursday morning. She got her two daughters up and ready for school.

“We were all just kind of out of sorts when we woke up,” Siekert said.

The family had been having furnace troubles, but didn’t think much of it.

Siekert laid down for a moment in an effort to relieve what felt like the flu. But Abby became clingy, prodding Siekert and trying to get her attention.

“She just jumped up on the bed, and she was nudging me and pawing at me. She took her head and lifted up my head with her nose,” Siekert said.

Assuming Abby wanted to go outside, Siekert led her to the door. But the dog walked past the home’s front entrance and downstairs.

There, in the basement, a carbon monoxide detector was going off.

“It was like a flash,” said Siekert. “Everything just came together, and it made sense.”

Now, Siekert attributes her family’s safety to Abby’s persistence. Siekert’s daughter Bella Siekert has dubbed Abby a “super dog.”

“She saved my life. She saved our lives,” said Siekert.