Hartford, CT – “Explosion… boom, and I heard the building when it shook,” said Ruby Lurry, Hartford resident.

Ruby Lurry is one of 150 residents of a Hartford apartment building who started their day with a jolt, two of them, actually.

“Well, this morning around 3 there was a small explosion, sounded like glass and then maybe like somebody hit the wall, then around six, it was a louder explosion,” said Isaac Starling, Hartford resident.

After the second, louder blast, Hartford’s Fire Department came and evacuated everyone. The explosion was a natural gas-fueled boiler exploding in the basement.

“There was damage that went up all four floors, immediately over the area of the explosion. Heaviest damage being on the fourth floor. We have windows and doors displaced and such,” said Captain Ronald Chance, Hartford Fire Department.

Fire marshals, building inspectors, and the gas company spent the morning investigating the extent of the damage, and until the building is clear, no one is allowed back home.

That leaves many with nowhere to go except the shelter the Red Cross set up in the Pope Park Community Center.

You have no idea when you’re going to be allowed back in the building?

“We’re waiting to hear now, but as of the moment, no,” Starling said.