Waxahachie, TX – By BRAD WATSON,WFAA-TV – After a destructive blast Friday at a home south of Waxahachie, one young girl remains shocked at her own survival.

As Brandi Battles slept in her bed around midnight, a propane leak caused a detonation that destroyed her Ellis County home and left her trapped amongst the rubble.

The blast heaved the roof of the house up, flipped Battles out of her bed and threw her on top of a wall with the roof’s edge coming down on her.

“I was fighting for my life,” she said. “I mean, just anything I could do to get out of there.”

Battles father, Gerald, said he still finds the incident that happened the night he was out of town hard to believe. He also said he found it hard to believe that half of his daughter hung on the outside of the building while the other half hung inside.

“Her legs were hanging out here and her upper body was inside the house…,” he said.

Battles’ mother was home the night of the explosion and escaped unharmed. She groped through the darkness and debris for 15 minutes looking for her screaming daughter and found her legs dangling at the top of the wall.

“That was the most horrible, horrible feeling…,” Terrie Battles said. “And I’m thinking she’s going to be cut in half.”

Brandi said while trapped in the rubble she thought she was in a dream.

“I didn’t know where I was because everything was scattered,” she said. “I didn’t recognize anything. I didn’t even know I was in my own home.”

As Battles struggled for her breath, a deputy who arrived on the scene used his car jack to lift the roof enough to give her room to breathe. Volunteer firefighters arrived from Forreston and brought the jaws of life to free her.

Battles is now recovering at Baylor Medical Center and her family said they couldn’t be more thankful. She managed to escape the explosion with only a few bruises.