Mt. Vernon, IL- A rural Mt. Vernon couple were able to escape with only minor injuries after an apparent propane gas leak caused an explosion that blew apart the foundation and collapsed the walls of their modular home around 4:30 Thursday morning.Jason and Amber Shehorn of 19958 North Miller Lake Road had smelled gas around one Thursday morning, but had gone back to bed when they could not find a problem.Jefferson Rural Firemen say the two were fortunate a dresser caught the falling wall in their bedroom and left enough room for them to climb out a window.

Jason Shehorn received a bump on the head and later went to Good Samaritan Hospital on his own to be checked.His wife did not require any hospital treatment.The explosion was powerful enough to toss a window air conditioner 30 feet.There was no fire.The State Fire Marshall’s office is investigating the explosion.The Shehorn’s home will be a total loss.Their property is located on the northside of Miller Lake, about six miles north of Mt. Vernon.