Rochester, MN- For some, Thursday was a snow day. For others, it turned into a rather scary night when a gas leak forces three families to evacuate their Northwest Rochester homes.

The fire department responded to 3855 Huntington Lane Northwest around six Thursday night.

This, after the local gas company detected high levels of natural gas, both inside and outside in the soil.

The gas company was originally on scene responding to a complaint the homeowner had.

RPU and MinnErgy were also both on scene.

The gas service has been shut down and three homes in this cul de sac were evacuated because, the fire department says, an explosion was likely.

Rochester Fire Battalion Chief Steve Belau says, “Had somebody flipped a light switch or had the phone rung, that would have created a small spark

which could have caused an explosion.”

The fire department provided large fans to ventilate the homes which had gas levels in the basement. This eliminated the explosion hazard.

There’s no word on when the homeowner will be allowed back inside.

Crews have contained the natural gas, but continue to excavate the area until they find the leaky pipe.

Then they have to replace it.