Ecorse, MI – A gas leak caused a public park bathroom at Dingell Park to explode in Ecorse Thursday morning, Ecorse Public Safety Director Mike Moore tells FOX 2. The leak has also prompted the evacuation of some homes in the area, and Moore says nearby Grandport Elementary was also evacuated as a precaution.

DTE officials have turned off the gas in the area and are still working to determine the source of the leak.

Scott Simons, the senior communications specialist with DTE, urges those that smell gas in their home or neighborhood to leave the area immediately and, when you’re in a safe place, call DTE and notify them of the smell. The phone number to notify DTE is 1-800-947-5000.

Police first got a call about the smell of gas around 3 a.m. Moore says units and DTE responded to the call. The explosion happened later around 7 a.m. No injuries were reported.

Dingell Park is located at Jefferson and Southfield roads. Homes in that immediate area have been evacuated.