Odon, IN – A natural gas explosion at Green City Cabinets on Saturday left one man with burns.

The owners of Green City Cabinets, a family owned and operated business, say that a natural gas leak inside the engine building caused the building to explode.

Levi K. Graber suffered burns and is being treated at home with home remedies.

Paul Graber, Levi’s father, says that the building can be replaced, but what is important is the Levi’s life was spared.

After being launched more than 20 feet into the air by the force of the explosion, Levi was conscious and was using snow to wash his face when three other workers rushed out of the building.

The explosion shook homes in the Odon and Raglesville area, nearly three miles away.

Paul Graber is now encouraging others to purchase gas detectors because natural gas does not have an odor.