Corpus Christi, TX – A family of four escaped unharmed Thursday when a gas leak caused their home to explode, blowing out the roof, walls and windows.

Jeremiah Borrego was asleep at the home his parents rent in the 4000 block of McArdle Road when he was awakened by a loud boom. Then, he said, he saw a giant flash and pieces of the ceiling were falling.

The kitchen and three bedrooms were destroyed and one of the brick walls of the home crumbled.

Firefighters were called about 9:30 a.m. to what Assistant Fire Marshal Andy Cardiel called a flash fire followed by an explosion.

“There was a lot of force behind it from a lot of buildup of natural gas,” Cardiel said. “They were very lucky they were not injured or even killed.”

Officials said two adults and two children, ages 7 and 14, were inside the home when it exploded and were hit with falling pieces of the roof but were uninjured.

Investigators found the majority of damage in the kitchen, but an exact location of the gas leak had not been discovered Thursday.

Cardiel did not know whether severe storms late Wednesday and early Thursday had anything to do with the gas leak.

American Red Cross spokeswoman Sherry Bowers said the home had major damage and may be a complete loss. The organization provided the family with food, clothes and a place to stay.