The Hamilton Spectator

Two young sisters died early yesterday in an explosion that blew the roof off

their apartment house.

A buildup of natural gas is believed to be the cause.Ten people in the

three-storey building escaped, authorities said.

“There is a clear indication from residents and firefighters that there was a

buildup and release of gas,” state Fire Marshal Stephen Coan said.

The cause remained under investigation.

Iris Carey, 4, was pulled by firefighters from the wreckage. She was in

cardiac arrest and died on the way to Milford-Whitinsville Regional Hospital,

according to authorities. Her sister Violet, 5, was pulled from the rubble

nearly five hours after the blast.

“They were the most awesome little girls … All they wanted to do was bake

cookies with me, and cupcakes,” said Cindy Germain, the girls’ grandmother.

Four residents of the building in suburban Boston were injured. Coan said he

was told the injuries were not serious.

Among them were the girls’ parents, Tara and Heath Carey. They were treated

and released at Milford-Whitinsville.

Fire Lieutenant Stephen Slaman said he received a call from a woman who heard

rumbling in the basement and smelled gas.

Slaman had just hung up the phone and was sounding an alarm when he heard

“what sounded like the closest lightning strike you ever heard.”

The fire station is just two houses away.

Gas workers had to dig up the street to shut off the gas.