Muhlenberg Township, PA – Fumes seeped into the Wells Fargo on North Fifth Street Highway in Muhlenberg Township Friday, sending 11 employees to the hospital.

Firefighters with the Goodwill Fire Company and UGI investigated in and around the building, but found no gas leaks or trace of carbon monoxide.

“Even though carbon monoxide may not have its own odor, the malfunction that causes the carbon monoxide to build up does generate an odor and enough carbon monoxide in a home can be fatal,” said UGI spokesman Joe Swope.

Fire officials said the smell likely came from exhaust of a running car. They said the fumes may have entered the bank through a vent near the drive through ATM.

Fire officials later gave the all clear.

Although crews found no carbon monoxide, Swope urges everyone to always call, if they think the gas is present.

“Obviously if there’s a natural gas leak, we want to catch it before it becomes dangerous,” he said.

All the Wells Fargo employees are expected to be fine.

“It’s a good experience to remind people to call,” Swope said. “And you know everybody did the right thing. They reacted, they got people to safety.”