Oshkosh, WI РFour people were hospitalized this morning after suffering symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture convention.

The four were among six treated for carbon monoxide exposure in the AirVenture campgrounds. Dr. Bob Braun, a volunteer physician from Philadelphia, said the four were exposed to carbon monoxide when the air conditioning unit on their motorhome drew in exhaust fumes from the generator of an adjacent motor home.

Medical personnel at AirVenture said the four taken by ambulance to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton to undergo treatment in a hyperbaric chamber. Braun said all four are expected to recover.

In a separate incident, the other two campers treated for carbon monoxide poisoning suffered less severe symptoms and did not require hospitalization, Braun said. A carbon monoxide alarm sounded in their camper alerting them to the danger. Further details were not available.