Cavelier, ND – A teenager says family members are recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by furnace problems over the weekend. Jeannie Mostad, 42; her son, Cody Beier, 17; her daughter, Taylor Danielson, 11; and Danielson’s friend, Crystal Shablow, 12, of Walhalla, became ill early Saturday in Cavalier, said Kayla Beier, Mostad’s 18-year-old daughter.

“When they woke up, they were feeling pretty sick,” said Beier, who had been spending the night with other relatives in Walhalla. The carbon monoxide leak apparently came from a pipe that froze in the home’s furnace, trapping smoke inside, she said.

The four were hospitalized but were recovering, Beier said. Cody Beier, who was released Saturday night, was exposed to the lowest amount of carbon monoxide because he slept on the highest level of the house.

“Luckily, Cody wasn’t too sick to be able to call 911. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have made it,” Kayla Beier said.

A new heating system and carbon monoxide detectors were installed Saturday, she said.