Carbondale, PA- WNEP-TV – A family in Lackawanna County was slowly poisoned inside their own home. Four adults and a baby were rushed to hospitals Tuesday, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.Firefighters said what happened is easily avoidable, but too common.

Fire captain Brian MacDonald said the chimney of the Robinson home on Salem Mountain Road near Carbondale was completely clogged.It looked as if it had never been opened or cleaned.

Firefighters said that trapped carbon monoxide inside the home, launching levels to 38 times what’s safe for people. “The most common cause is malfunctioning furnaces or blocked chimney. People should be very conscious of having chimneys cleared on an annual basis,” MacDonald added.

He said homeowners should check their furnaces too. A malfunctioning coal furnace helped lead to the danger at the home.The Robinson family complained of chest pains, nausia and headaches, and called for help before it was too late.”It’s better to be safe than sorry,” warned MacDonald.

Firefighters said a carbon monoxide detector is vital.It notifies you if there’s a problem.

“It’s odorless, tasteless.There’s no human way to detect it. That’s where the detectors come in. It’s a silent killer,” said Brian Mushel.He said every time there’s news of carbon monoxide poisoning, sales of the detectors go up. Mushel recommends one for each floor.

“You can’t put a price on a life.For what they’re going to do, going to save, it could wipe out a whole family,” he added.

Firefighters say the family is lucky.The home had no monitor, but all were treated at the hospital and released