Marion, NC – Emergency personnel responded to a Marion home Tuesday afternoon after a resident called for help when his carbon monoxide (CO) detector started going off.

And, two firefighters were also treated for possible CO inhalation.

Fire Investigator Kevin Owenby said a resident at 52 Sixth C Street in Marion called for responders to do a CO check at his home.

“You could smell it when we walked in. There was a strong odor in the house,” said Owenby.

The homeowner was being checked out by paramedics, but was conscious and alert when crews arrived. He was transported to McDowell Hospital.

Owenby said the cause of the carbon monoxide leak could possibly have been from his gas logs. Fire crews had opened all of the windows of the home and were attempting to help air it out with an electric fan.

Owenby, along with another firefighter on the scene, both tested for levels of CO in their systems and were treated at the scene with oxygen. The homeowner and firefighter both complained of nausea and a headache, which are signs of CO poisoning, according to Owenby.

Officials said during the winter season they routinely field calls for CO checks, but folks still need to pay attention to the warning signs.

“This is definitely a testimony for CO monitors in the house. He was lucky to have those because it could have been a tragic situation,” said Craig Walker, deputy director of emergency management.

CO monitors are relatively cheap and can be purchased at any local hardware store.

“Pay attention to the CO monitors, get out and call the fire department,” said Capt. Donnie Tipton of McDowell EMS. “I suggest getting a battery backup.”

The Marion Fire Department, McDowell EMS, McDowell Emergency Management and first responders assisted at the scene.