Springfield, OH – A woman whose house caught fire after a possible natural gas explosion New Year’s Eve died at Miami Valley Hospital on Monday morning.

Phyllis Porter, 59, of 5322 Dryden St., had been in critical condition since the fire. Her husband, Gomez Porter, 61, remained in critical condition Monday evening.

Gomez Porter told investigators he was in a back room when he heard an explosion and saw fire in the ducts just before noon. He went to get his wife and together they fled the house. Both had burns on their hands, feet and around their faces.

Neighbors told investigators they smelled natural gas in the area. The house was destroyed.

Investigators said the fire might have started as a result of natural gas but have not found a point of origin. The cause of fire has not officially been determined, Mad River Township and Enon Fire Department Chief Deputy Elmer Beard said.