Monroe, CT – An Edgewood Road family was roused from their beds late Thursday night by high carbon monoxide levels.

All of the occupants were outside when firefighters arrived at 10:15 p.m., after a 911 call reported an odor and a furnace problem in the home.

Fire Marshal William Davin said the incident was a close call that could have ended in death.

“Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer” due to its characteristics of being odorless, colorless, and lighter than air,’’ he said. “Do not hesitate if you have, or believe you have a carbon monoxide issue to call 911 and exit the structure to await the arrival of the fire department.’’

Firefighters checking the Edgewood Road house Thursday night detected high levels of carbon monoxide, a furnace that was misfiring, a partially collapsed chimney and no installed CO detector.

The house was ventilated by heavy duty fans before the residents could return inside about 45 minutes later, Davin said.

Carbon monoxide detectors are “life saving devices,’’ the fire marshal said, and local families needing advice or assistance in installing them should call 203-452-2807.