Greece, NY – Pat Lewis was taking clothes out of the dryer when her home exploded Friday. She was thrown in the blast but able to speak to neighbors who helped bring her to safety.

Lewis remains in guarded condition at Strong Hospital.Monroe County Fire Coordinator Sam DeRosa says investigators hope what Lewis saw and heard before the explosion will help them find the cause. They suspect it may have been a natural gas explosion, but nothing has been ruled out.

Investigators are waiting to hear from Lewis’s doctors to determine when they can speak to her. They already interviewed her husband, Wayne, who was outside the home when it blew up.

Neighbors say it was the loudest boom they ever heard. Charred debris is all that’s left of the home where the Lewis’s lived for more than 40 years.

Wayne Lewis returned to the street Sunday to see what was left of his home and talk to neighbors. When he hugged neighbor Carol Bishop, she said he seemed shaken still by what had happened.Bishop says firefighters told neighbors the couple is lucky to be alive.

Neighbors say the Red Cross is providing shelter to Wayne Lewis, who is staying at a local hotel. His two sons, who live out of town are also here with him.