HUDSON, N.H.- Fire crews were called to a duplex at 10 Dugout Road after someone reported the odor of gas on the outside of the building. Fire officials discovered a broken gas line outside of the home and called Eastern Propane who fixed the leak. Residents were allowed to return to their homes.

Later that afternoon, fire investigators said a family living at the duplex felt a rumble and saw the windows of their home blow out. They ran outside just before an explosion engulfed one side of the building in flames.

During an investigation, State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan and Hudson Fire Chief Shawn Murray said they found a gas valve at Dugout Road had been

turned into the on position and was attached to an uncapped gas line that was once used to supply a gas clothes dryer. Investigators said three other units at the complex had similar open gas lines. Officials said they don’t know why the gas lines were left uncapped.