Fairview Beach, MD – Eight attending river festival land in hospital

Fifteen people need medical attention after boating party on the Potomac Near Baltimore

The AquaPalooza festival in Fairview Beach on Saturday proved to be popular, drawing thousands of guests on hundreds of boats.

But at least 15 people needed medical attention before the weekend ended.

Eight wound up at area hospitals–three with serious injuries, officials said.

According to King George County Fire and Rescue Chief David Moody, one person was flown to a hospital in Maryland after a motorcycle accident. Another was flown to Richmond after diving into shallow water, he said.

Moody said two others with serious injuries were taken to Mary Washington Hospital. One suffered a puncture wound to the chest while jumping from one boat to another, he said. The other was found unresponsive on the shore near a Fairview Beach restaurant, he said.

Stafford County fire and rescue officials said four people on a boat using a generator were taken to Mary Washington Hospital on Sunday with symptoms of carbon monoxide illness.

Officials said a detector on the boat showed carbon monoxide levels at 360 parts per million. Anything above 50 ppm is considered unsafe.

According to officials, the four took the cabin-less boat from the AquaPalooza festival to Hope Springs Marina in Stafford County. After rescue units arrived, the carbon-monoxide reading fell to 4 ppm, officials said.

Conditions on those hospitalized were not available yesterday, but Moody said the motorcycle, diving and puncture injuries were potentially life-threatening.

AquaPalooza, a free show featuring musicians and fireworks, was sponsored by Prince William Marine Sales of Woodbridge and Sea Ray boats. It was one of a number of similar events across the nation.

Michele Ayers, general manager of the Prince William company, said while it was tough to make an estimate, she believes more than 900 boats and up to 5,000 people showed up for the event in Fairview Beach.