Stamford, CT – A faulty heater filled part of a Stamford apartment complex with elevated amounts of lethal carbon monoxide gas on Monday night.

Firefighters responded to 293 Bridge Street after a carbon monoxide alarm went off, tested the air and found “extraordinary” amounts of gas — 500 parts per million — so they evacuated residents who showed signs of distress and searched five apartments.

No residents needed medical attention and firefighters were able to determine the cause was a faulty heating appliance, so the power was turned off, according to a news release from the fire department.

Crews then ventilated apartments affected by the elevated levels and remained at the scene until the gas dissipated to normal levels.

Firefighters are urging residents to have carbon monoxide detectors installed on each level of your home and in a central location outside each area of the house where your family sleeps.

Stamford residents who need a smoke or carbon monoxide detector can contact