Frederick, CO – An explosion that damaged a home in Frederick on Sunday morning was caused by natural gas accumulation from a faulty line under the home, according to fire officials.

There was no fire and no apparent original of the explosion, which damaged the home and caused minor injuries to two adults inside the home. Dave Puccetti, division chief and fire marshal for the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, said investigators worked carefully and deliberately to determine the cause before closing the case late Tuesday afternoon.

“The gas was accumulated underneath a cabinet in kitchen of the home,” he said. “The family was preparing breakfast, they turned on an appliance.”

Puccetti said investigators learned that the family had smelled the rotten-egg smell that is added to natural gas to alert consumers to possible leaks for several days leading up to the explosion. However, he said, they did not report it to fire officials to get it checked out.

The accumulation of gas under the kitchen sink caused the gas to briefly ignite and explode, knocking out windows at the home. However, there was not enough gas to sustain a fire.

It is extremely important to report any suspected gas leak, Puccetti said.

“Any time they sense that rotten egg smell … they need to get out of the structure immediately (and) call 911,” he said of residents. “Do not operate anything that would cause a spark, including cell phone (and) light switches.”