Waterloo, IA – A family is lucky to be alive after an explosion tore through their house Wednesday night.

The city fire marshal is investigating the blast at 1102 South St., but fire officials said the house appeared to have been damaged by a natural gas explosion.

A mother and four children were taken to a Covenant Medical Center, according to firefighters.

Relatives said the mother and her daughter had minor burns, and the mother had cuts from debris and glass. They had been inside the house cooking at the time of the explosion and were able to make it out on their own, said Leekey Bokmij, the woman’s brother.

“She’s OK. She had some bleeding on her feet,” Leekey Bokmij said. His niece had burns on her hand and head.

Leekey Bokmij and his wife, Dahlia, live next door and heard the explosion, which cut off power in the area.

“It was loud,” Dahlia Bokmij said.

The family’s two sons were outside taking garbage to the curb, and the oldest, age 14, ran to his house for help.

“He came looking for me at my house so I can call 911 because the house exploded,” Leekey Bokmij said.

The blast shattered windows and knocked siding off one side of the house.