Monoxide Poisoning – TUCKER — A Tucker family was hospitalized for carbon-monoxide poisoning early Tuesday morning after firefighters discovered fumes originating from a generator were sickening the residents.

Firefighters responded to a call of unknown distress at 940 Arlington Drive in Tucker at about 2 a.m. Tuesday, according to Thomas Rutledge, spokesman for the Gwinnett Fire Department.

“Initial crews on the scene realized the signs and symptoms modeled carbon-monoxide poisoning,” Rutledge said. The carbon monoxide fumes were produced by a generator operating in the basement of the home. Seven people were hospitalized complaining of sickness from exposure to the gas, the most significant carbon monoxide poisoning event reported in Gwinnett in recent memory, Rutledge said. Officials on Tuesday did not release names of the victims.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can impede coordination, worsen cardiovascular conditions, and cause fatigue, headaches, weakness, confusion, disorientation and nausea. High levels of exposure can lead to death, Rutledge said.

The gas is produced as a result of incomplete burning or combustion, and emitted by improperly vented kerosene or space heaters, wood or gas stoves and automobile exhaust.

“There are carbon monoxide detectors that are readily available for the home,” Rutledge said. “We recommend people have a working smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. Many people don’t have it.”