Two Adults, Three Children Flown To Hospital For Treatment

A family attempted to drive to a hospital Thursday morning after they were exposed to carbon monoxide, according to police.

A state trooper was called to a home on Jacqueline Drive in Jackson, Mich., where the trooper found two adults and three children inside the family vehicle.

They were apparently attempting to drive themselves to a hospital.

The adults in the home called a family member, then called 911 after waking with symptoms of nausea, extreme headache and vomiting.

An ambulance was called to the scene and the family was rushed to Foote Hospital, where they were found to have three times the acceptable limit of carbon monoxide in their bodies.

The family was transferred by helicopter to Toledo Hospital to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy to remove the carbon monoxide.

Consumers Energy officials inspected the family’s home and determined that a clogged furnace filter was the cause of the problem.

Authorities say there was no carbon monoxide detector in the home.