Douglasville, GA – DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — A local family says they don’t feel safe in their rental home after a technician found deadly levels of carbon monoxide in their son’s bedroom. 11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross is holding the powerful accountable after the family says they got no help from the landlord.

Rodney and Noelle Scott knew something was wrong.

“Ever since we moved in, my son has been tired, he’s been complaining of headaches,” said Noelle Scott.

Their normally energetic and friendly 8-year-old became withdrawn and threw up after spending time in his room.

“All these months, I have been wondering what’s wrong with my son, and I find out my son is being poisoned,” Rodney Scott.

The landlord hired a technician to look at the furnace, who first said nothing was wrong.But when they hired their own independent technician, what he told them was alarming.

“It was corroded. It was old. And it had been leaking deadly levels of carbon monoxide into my son’s bedroom,” said Noelle Scott.

In a phone interview, the landlord said he is committed to fixing the problem, and has tried to send his technician back out to fix a part in the existing furnace. But at this point, the family says they’re not willing to accept anything less than a new furnace that will ensure their son is safe.

“I’m a father who loves his son and his family very much,” Rodney Scott said.

After 11Alive talked to the family and the landlord, the family agreed to let the landlord’s repairman in to look at the furnace.

If you are renting your home, it’s important that you know your rights.TheLandlord Tenant Handbook tells you how to get free legal advice if you think you’re in a situation where you’re being taken advantage of. It says specifically that landlords are required to make vital repairs.