Lubbock, TX- A shrill sound alerted them to the silent killer. James and Peggy Young bought carbon monoxide detectors, never thinking they would be used. Now, they’re saying the alarms saved their lives.

The Youngs say their furnace caused the problem.It is a problem they didn’t know existed, and wouldn’t have known about without their detectors. They’re hoping folks at home can benefit from their experience.

“Three o’clock in the morning, it’s not a sound you want to hear,” James Young said.

It’s an unpleasant sound that saved their lives.

“We had no symptoms,” James said.

Carbon monoxide leaked into the Young’s home, and the only way they found out was from their detectors.

“I never would have thought of that happening in our house,” Peggy Young said.

The Youngs called 911, and fire crews came to test the air.

“When he walked in the door and held that meter up in the air it went off, and he said you can’t stay in here,” Peggy said.

“If you’re not sure, it’s better to ask or find out,” Captain Marlin Hamilton with the Lubbock Fire Department said.

He tells NewsChannel 11 they’ll come test you’re home, for free.

“They try to isolate where it’s coming from and most of the time they can,” Hamilton said.

The Young’s scare proved how important testing and monitoring is, and they hope you’ll do the same.

“That alarm is something everyone should have,” James said.

Carbon monoxide is a odorless gas that comes from any flame producing appliance.As NewsChannel 11 told you Monday night, one child was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend.The child is doing fine now, but in that case there weren’t any detectors.

You can buy a carbon monoxide detector at most any store, and a typical detector costs around $20 to $30.