Wylie, TX – Nearly a week after a deadly explosion along 3rd Street in Wylie, six families there may soon be able to move back into their homes.

Atmos Energy said crews are no longer detecting gas levels there. However, Atmos energy is still trying to find out what caused the gas leaks.

Some neighbors remain worried about their safety.

“It’s kind of scary when you go to bed, you just hope you wake up the next morning,” Doris Silver said.

Silver lost two neighbors when their home exploded after a gas leak. Now she has spent days watching crews tear apart the neighborhood.

“It’s an old neighborhood and things wear out. You have to repair them,” Silver said. “I guess now it takes something catastrophic like this before they realize there’s something they need to do so it doesn’t happen again.”

But Atmos officials said the explosion is not why they’ve decided to replace the gas lines on 2nd Street.

“This is just a routine project, but it’s also something to improve the reliability of natural gas in this system,” Rand LaVonn with Atmos Energy said. “We also want them to feel confident — one has nothing to do with the other.”

Atmos officials said they had originally planned to replace the main line on the street in two to three months, but since crews were already in the area they decided to bump up the project.

They said the line was not a safety threat, and expect repairs to be completed by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meanwhile residents said the sooner things can get back to normal the better.

“I was just talking to my daughter the other night,” Silver said. “I said I’m sick of that rumbling noise you hear whether the door are opened closed … but then again I guess they’re doing what they need to do.