Peoria, IL- A Peoria man suffered severe burns and his home was destroyed after a gas explosion Sunday morning.

Police say it happened on the 500 block of East Archer around 7:30 a.m.

A gas explosion has left 64-year-old Roger Huyl’s home charred from top to bottom, down to just ashes.

Firefighter Maurice Super said, ”It’s way beyond saving so we’re going to demolish it right now.”

Fire Investigator John Williams said, ”Because of its unstableness of the foundation in the house itself right now we feel it’d be better to do an emergency demolition to take the house down.”

AmerenCilco workers were on site evaluating the cause of the explosion.

The company’s spokesman says it’s investigating whether the internal gas equipment was working properly.

Neighbors say they came outside after hearing the explosion, ”We talked to him a little bit. He didn’t know what happened cause he didn’t know how got out. We asked him anyone else was in the house and he didn’t say anything but his cat.”

Councilwoman Gale Thetford says neighbors are concerned but officials will get to the bottom of the problem, ”The most important thing is to determine whether or not this explosion was an isolated incident or whether there’s a problem as far as the rest of the neighborhood is concerned.”

Super says as soon as you smell a gas leak get out of the house and call 911.

It’s a quick decision, but it can save your life.

Officials at this time do not know what caused the explosion.

Ameren Cilco is investigating. Huyl was flown to Springfield’s Burn Center where he is in good condition.