Dayton, OH-

DAYTON, Ohio — A natural gas explosion rocked an East Dayton apartment building Friday night. The explosion happened around 6:30 p.m. at an apartment building near the intersection of Medford and Fourman.

Officials said the force of the blast shattered windows and sent glass flying across the street. According to fire officials, there was apparently a gas leak in an upstairs apartment that led to the explosion.

Authorities said the woman who lives in the apartment was not home when the explosion happened.

Firefighters believe there was a leaky pipe in the second-story apartment that led to a natural gas buildup and then the explosion.

According to fire crews, after the explosion there was a small fire in the kitchen, which was quickly put out. However, there was extensive damage to the apartment.

Firefighters said the force of the blast brought the ceilings down. They said the other apartments in the building were not damaged.