Portland, ME- Explosion Ignites Three Alarm Fire In Portland’s West End

Web Editor:Ted Varipatis, Assignment Manager

Last Updated: 4/5/2007 7:42:35 PM

An apparent explosion touched off a fire Thursday morning at a home in Portland. The owner of the home on Salem Street, Jo Coyne, says she was out shoveling her driveway around 10:00 A.M. when she says she heard a loud bang. She then saw smoke coming out of her house.

The other tenant that lives at the house was not home at the time. Coyne suspects the explosion was caused by natural gas.

“It looks like everything is gone. I don’t think I even fully realize yet, the extent of it, my feeling is just everything is gone,” said Coyne.

The explosion blew out one side of the home. Despite the best efforts of fire crews, the house was a total loss and it was torn down Thursday afternoon.

Fire officials have not released the cause of the fire, but say natural gas may be the culprit.

Coyne says she has a good insurance policy and has plenty of friends in the neighborhood to help her out.