DE – By Terri Sanginiti, The News Journal

A gas explosion in Wilmington this afternoon resulted in two minor injuries and led to the evacuation of residents on two blocks until repairs could be completed, city fire officials said.

The explosion and flash fire occurred at 12:22 p.m. in the 100 block of Winchester Place. When city firefighters arrived, they found two workers inside the home injured. The two men were treated for minor injuries at Christiana Hospital.

Wilmington Fire Department spokesman Capt. Michael Schaal said the rear of the three-story home at the end of the row suffered structural damage, and there were several broken windows throughout the house.

An investigation determined that a gas leak inside the home triggered an explosion after one of the workers started soldering a copper pipe with a blow torch. The flash fire extinguished itself, Schaal said.

Firefighters shut off the gas and evacuated homes in the 100 block of Winchester Place and the 1300 block of Tatnall Street. Firefighters then ventilated the house and monitored gas readings until the gas dissipated.

Residents remained outside their homes for about an hour.

The incident is being investigated by the city Fire Marshal’s Office, the city Department of Licenses and Inspection and Delmarva Power, Schaal said.