Adelphi, Md. –

An Adelphi couple escaped unharmed after an explosion blew out the walls and destroyed their home.

Authorities from Prince George’s County and Montgomery County responded to the single family home on the 1500-block of Quinwood Street around 10:15 p.m. Saturday night.

Investigators say the explosion occurred in the basement and blew out the entire side of the brick house and nearly every window before setting the house on fire.

The two people inside the home were on the first floor when the explosion occurred and escaped prior to the fire departments arrival.

Two firefighters sustained minor injuries while putting out the blaze. One firefighter was transported to a nearby Burn Unit for treatment of burns on his ears and another was treated on the scene for a hand injury.

Investigators say the house is a total loss and the occupants will be assisted with temporary shelter.

The cause of the explosion and subsequent fire is still under investigation.

Washington Gas shut off natural gas service temporarily to 15 nearby homes as a precaution.

Neighbors say the Gas Company was in the area about 30 minutes prior to the explosion responding to a unknown odor.