Nashville, Tennesee – WKRN – An explosion caused a Downtown business to shut down late Monday morning, and also sent an employee to the hospitals with serious burns. While investigators look into how this happened at Sbarro Pizza, employees of nearby businesses are now a little nervous.

At a time when Second Avenue is usually quiet – because most of the employees are still on their way to work – an explosion blew out the windows of the Sbarro on 2nd and Commerce, sending glass flying everywhere. The explosion happened just before 10 am, when one of the employees tried to light the gas pizza oven. Officials with the Nashville Fire Department weren’t sure what caused the blast at first, but that wasn’t their main concern.

“Certainly a risk, but they knew someone was inside,” said Nashville Fire spokesperson Charles Shannon. “So they got their equipment and they go to work.”

Officials say the employee who tried to light the pizza oven was seriously injured, suffering second and third-degree burns. .

There is no word yet on when Sbarro will re-open. It all depends on when they can get their oven fixed. A Nashville Gas spokesperson told News 2 that he is certain the problem was not with the gas line. As for the injured employee, he’s in Vanderbilt’s burn unit and listed in stable condition.

Businesses next door to the pizza shop are on a different gas line. Inspectors from the gas department checked them out anyway to make sure it was safe for them to stay open.