Little Rock, AR – Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a house explosion.

However, most crews on the scene are confident this was a natural gas explosion, and with that possibility comes some very important safety information to pass along.

Moments after being rescued from the smoke and flames, 77 year old Mary Post told her good friend Charlotte that she had tried to light a furnace.

Charlotte Day said “She went to light the bathroom heater, and that’s why the house burned.”

While crews from Centerpoint Energy Arkla spent most of the day determining a cause, they want people to know that if you have natural gas and you notice an odor or hissing sound:

1. Do not turn on electrical switches. Do not open doors and windows to let gas escape.

2. Simply, get everyone out of the home, and call from another phone.

3. Avoid open flames, and all electricity.

4. Every year, have a professional inspection and clean your heating and cooling equipment and make sure your carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm are in working order.

Chief Don Kenny of the Little Rock Fire Department said “If you smell gas, call Centerpoint and they will check it.”

Witnesses who were on the scene are calling this short of a miracle – that Mary Post was able to make it out alive.

The investigation continues to pinpoint a cause.