Elm City, NC – An 75-year-old Elm City woman lost her life to carbon monoxide poisoning Thursday just five days shy of her 76th birthday.

A neighbor went to check on Florene Allene Rosser of Wilson Street and became concerned when she could not get her to answer the door, said Capt.

Danny Bailey of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office.

“That’s when she called her (Rosser’s) niece,” Bailey said.

The niece, who had a key to the residence, gained entry and found Rosser lying on her bed unresponsive.

Bailey said that at this point in the investigation it appears that Rosser died of carbon monoxide poisoning from her gas stove.

“We believe she accidently hit one of the knobs on her stove which turned on just enough to have gas leak into the residence,” he said. “We did not find any signs of foul play.”

Mike Brown, battalion commander with Wilson Fire and Rescue Services, said that everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector in their home because carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless toxic gas that can build up to

dangerous levels without a lot of warning.

Some of the products that emit carbon monoxide are fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, ranges, water heaters and room heaters. Other examples are engine-powered equipment such as portable generators, fireplaces and

charcoal that is burned in homes and other enclosed areas.

Brown said people should test their carbon monoxide detectors periodically to make sure they are functioning properly as they could save your life.