Dallas, TX – A 75-year-old woman who was rescued by neighbors from her Tye home after it exploded has died from her injuries.

Betty Coats died Sunday afternoon at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, days after several neighbors dug her out of the rubble.

Investigators think propane leaked under her home and was ignited by a heating unit, causing an explosion and fire Friday night.

Benny Kilpatrick heard the explosion from his home and headed to the scene with his wife Deborah. When they arrived, their son-in-law Brock Jones, brothers Randy and David DeLeon and other neighbors had also arrived to help.

The group heard a faint voice calling and started digging. After they found Coats, the group heard a few more small explosions and worked quickly to move her.

As they lifted Coats, Kilpatrick said he saw a flag, folded military-style, nearby.

Larry Coats says the flag had covered the coffin of his father and Betty Coats’ husband — Thomas Jefferson Coats — a Navy veteran who died in 2002.