Rock County, WI- An elderly couple found dead in their Rock County home Tuesday night most likely died from carbon monoxide poisoning, the tragic result of apparently not turning off the car in the garage before going to bed.

Perry D. Carson, 82, and his wife Jeanne E. Carson, 80, were found in two separate bedrooms in their home at 4421 North Polaris Parkway in the town of Harmony near Janesville.

A dog also was found dead in the residence.

Rock County Sheriff’s Department Captain Todd Christiansen told The Capital Times there was no indication the deaths were a suicide and there was no indication of foul play.

“It seems likely one of the two left the car running in the garage before they went to bed,” Christiansen said. “We had been told that they were forgetful.”

The coroner’s office was performing autopsies on the couple to determine the cause of death.

Rock County deputies, EMS personnel and Janesville police officers and fire department personnel responded to the scene at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night.

It wasn’t known when the couple might have died.

“There was a strong odor of carbon monoxide in the residence,” Christiansen said in the release of the death investigation. “A vehicle was located in an attached garage that had been running previously to the deputies’ arrival, and was not running when the deputies arrived.”

The couple and the dog were the only victims in the single-family residence.