Tucson, AZ – A Bruegger’s Bagels is expected to reopen this morning after the Tucson Fire Department detected carbon monoxide in the air Sunday.

The Bruegger’s and other businesses in a strip mall in the 6100 block of East Broadway were evacuated after the bagel shop’s oven fan broke down, keeping carbon monoxide from leaving the building, said Capt. Tricia Tracy, a Tucson Fire Department spokeswoman.

Complaints of headaches from those at the bagel shop Sunday morning prompted calls to the Fire Department.

Lower levels of carbon monoxide were detected in other shops, which prompted the Fire Department to evacuate the rest of the strip mall for about two or three hours, she said. Building inspectors and the Pima County Health Department must inspect the bagel shop before it reopens.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause sudden illness and even death.