Cleveland, OH- Two-year-old Dalmatian-Pit bull mix, Dulce, is a sweet girl. But she’s also a lifesaver.

“Yesterday morning before our alarms went off, she was making a lot of racket,” said Ashley Shuckerow, her foster mom.

Shuckerow says that’s unusual for Dulce, who’s deaf. “I came downstairs and I realized that the house was really cold,” she said. “I realized that the furnace hadn’t been working.”

A repairman came out quickly and installed a new furnace Thursday. It was Dulce’s nose, not the detector that spotted the problem.

“The guy said well the carbon monoxide is probably flowing into your house,” said Shuckerow, “She probably sensed it long before we ever would have.”

Dulce’s remaining four senses were her lifesaving strength. But this home she saved is just temporary. Shuckerow says this certainly special pup is up for adoption.

“As much as we hate to let her go, because [Dulce] is definitely a part of this family, especially now, we think that it’s the best thing for us to continue to help dogs and save dogs especially dogs of her breed that normally get a bad rap,” she said.

Shuckerow has been fostering Dulce for Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, which focuses on Pit bulls. She says the dog is house and crate trained and does well with people and other dogs. You can find more information here.

Fire experts say it’s always a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector in sleeping areas for humans and pets.