Cresson, PA – A Cambria County family of five woke up to what they thought was just a gas leak in their house Tuesday morning, but when authorities arrived they learned it was much more.

The family told 6 News their dog woke them up about twenty minutes before they would normally wake up and he wouldn’t let them go back to sleep.

“He wouldn’t let me lay back down,” said Barbara Heit. “He started fussing and kind of running into me and just whining and making a lot of noise.”

Heit said her family was still sleeping Tuesday morning when her dog Pete woke her up around 6:30, when she would normally get up around 7.

Heit said she thought he just needed to go out but when she let him back in and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep before her daughter and grandkids woke up, Pete insistent Heit stayed awake.

“He would not let me lay back down and I really wanted to because I wasn’t feeling well,” Heit said. “I know I was disoriented and confused at the time and I wanted to lay down and there was no way that was going to happen as far as he was concerned.”

It turns out the furnace in the house was leaking carbon monoxide and authorities say the levels of the colorless and odorless gas were dangerously high.

“They had told my daughter after this that we were lucky that we were even able to get out of the house,” Heit said.

Cresson firefighters told her daughter if they had slept in that other 20 minutes the family of five might never have woken up.

Now they’re calling Pete their hero.

“I thank God for sending Pete to us because I feel that Pete’s the one that got us, got me moving enough to realize that something was wrong,” Heit said.

She and Cresson firefighter urge everyone to check their carbon monoxide detectors and if there isn’t one installed in your home, to get one.

The family said they’re in the process of getting their furnace replaced.