Spencer County, KY – Dive teams are searching for the body of a 48-year old father from Louisville who went overboard Sunday afternoon at Taylorsville Lake.

Zoran Jeftic, 48, of Louisville, was on a boat with his wife and 15-year-old daughter when their boat started taking on water.

“We don’t know all of what happened, but part of the issue was there was a plug left out of the boat, so the boat was taking on water. They were trying to return to shore, so they could get back on shore to get water out of it,” Sgt. Scott Herndon, with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, said. “The (15-year-old) daughter was driving, and there’s conflicting reports whether the prop was turning or not. The father was in the back platform trying to get to where he could get the plug in it.”

Officials also said Jeftic may have had carbon monoxide poisoning before becoming unconscious and falling into the water.

Jeftic’s wife, who was also on the boat, said the last time she saw him, he looked like he was unconscious and then went underwater.

“It’s just black to be honest, in Taylorsville lake especially today, once we get below about 5 feet, you’re not even going to be able to see the light,” Louisville Metro Police diver Jim Johnson said.

The Louisville Metro police dive team joined the effort.

They said because of the nature of Taylorsville Lake, dive teams can’t use the traditional grid search — it’s more of a spot search.

“Taylorsville Lake has a ton of debris, trees, if you look around, basically the bottom of the lake looks like the trees that surround us,” Johnson said.

Herndon said it could be days before they find Jeftic.