Des Moines, IA – A man was injured in a propane explosion Tuesday on the east side of Des Moines.

Des Moines police said Edward McKenna, 37, was trying to light a propane heater in his garage shortly before 8 p.m. He was having difficulty with it and then noticed a flash.

Officers said, “Edward started running for the door as the heater exploded. The garage had extensive damage; the overhead garage door was blown out, ceiling tiles were blown out, cupboards were opened, chairs melted and exterior siding melted.”

Fire dispatchers received many calls of an explosion.

A witness to the blast at 2347 Maple Street, Ross Dhabolt, told police he heard a loud explosion and went to the garage to see what happened. “He observed Edward running around the garage,” officers said. “Ross grabbed a fire extinguisher and helped put out the fire in the northwest corner… Edward had burns to his face and hands. He refused to be treated or transported by medics at the scene.”

He later sought medical assistance on his own at Mercy Medical Center, officials said.